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setting up netlogin - converting from EOS to XOS

So working through the old enterasys config file so we can have 460's in the network...

Currently on the Enterasys's we are using the below code, but when i throw it into e2x.py from GitHub i get unknown command.

the code we are using on the Enterasys is:
set eapol auth-mode forced-auth ge.1.47
set eapol auth-mode forced-auth ge.1.48
#set multiauth port mode force-auth ge.1.47
#set multiauth port mode force-auth ge.1.48

To get that to traslate to XOS??
enable netlogin dot1x
enable netlogin 1:47-1:48

Have the radius server already setup


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Hi Dave,

your EXOS commands look basically OK. You are enabling .1X only, thus you could add "dot1x" to the line enabling it on the ports.

Policy Manager of ExtremeManagement can be used to configure authentication, see e.g. the GTAC Knowledge article How to configure netlogin dot1x with policy manager in exos.

For configuration without Policy Manager see How to configure 802.1x based Netlogin with Radius on EXOS.

Please note that authentication (netlogin) is disabled both globally on the switch and on each port by default on EXOS. This differs from EOS, where it is disabled globally, but enabled on every port by default.