Simulator like Cisco packet tracer Tool foe Enterasys Switch

Does Extreme Networks have Simulator like Cisco packet tracer Tool for Enterasys Switches?..

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you can use the EXOS VM and GNS3 to emulate networks. That is not exactly like Cisco's Packet Tracer simulation software, but similar. Since the EXOS VM is using the real switch operating system, this solution supports more features than the quite restricted Packet Tracer. By the way, GNS3 supports Cisco routers as well.

See Setting up GNS3 with EXOS-VM.

Hi Eric,
Thanks for the support.
While following the procedure and I am getting error like " The Remote Server is not a GNS3 Server. Could you please advise how to proceed further.

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Is it possible that you mis-typed the IP address? Your screenshot seems to show "" as GNS3 IP address, but the error message says ""
Hi Erik,
Thanks for the prompt response. My screenshot shows IP address Should I mention this ip address anywhere during GNS3 setup.I believe the procedure did not say anything about this.Please let me know if I am missing something here.
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Honestly, I don't know, because I have not used the GNS3 setup described at myself. I have always used GNS3 installed on my GNU/Linux system using the distribution packages.

Anyway, the image at the bottom of the shows that a GNS3 appliance is started and shows the IP of that appliance. Perhaps the settings of the locally running GNS3 program and the virtual appliance do not match. You might find a setting in the GNS3 running on the local machine to which GNS3 appliance to connect. There you need to enter the IP shown in the GNS3 appliance window.

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