spanning tree informations on a router


we have a Enterasys Matrix E5 chassis, that contains four switches (5H152-50) and a router (5SSRM-02).

Spanning tree is activated on the switches and the router.

On the switches, it is easy to obtain much information about the state of the spanning tree.

On the router, there is only one command available : stp show bridging-info .
This command gives few informations concerning ports ; in my case, it indicates :
Ports in bridge :4
To root via port :4

However it does not provide information on the status of ports : we can't know if a port is blocked or disabled or forwarding.
And we don't know if a port is a designated port.

Do you know how to get this informations ?

Thank you

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Hi Jean-Philippe,

This is a really old product so apologies if my memory is not correct but i think you should be able to get the relevant information using the command :

Port show stp-info ....

Hope this helps