SSA t1068-0652 vlan egress problem

i have create vlan 7 i have create a vlan interface, when im trying to access my vlan in port i got no connection just when i set the port to vlan 1 then can i ping the vlan 1 interface.
set vlan egress 7 ge.1.2 untagged

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you should enable forwarding on vlan 7
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The command to set a untagged VLAN is...

# set port vlan ge.1.2 7 modify-egress
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I agree that the port pvid needs to be set. In the EOS world we think in terms of ingress and egress for vlans. It gives a bit more flexibility.
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To expand a bit on Ronald's answer, the command set vlan egress 7 ge.1.2 untagged added VLAN 7 untagged to the egress list, without changing the VLAN 1 settings. You can check this with the show port egress command.

To configure an access port, you usually want to have both the port VLAN ID (PVID), used for untagged frames entering the port, set to the access VLAN, and the VLAN egress list for the port set to include just the access VLAN (untagged). You can verify the PVID using the show port vlan command.

The show vlan portinfo command is a good way to see the VLAN configuration on EOS.
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For trunk/uplink ports use:
set vlan egress 1,7 ge.1.48 tagged[/code]
For access ports use:
set vlan port vlan ge.1.2 7 modify-egress[/code]This ist a shortcut for:
set vlan port vlan ge.1.2 7 no-modify-egress (sets the PVID only)[/code]set vlan egress 7 ge.1.2 untagged[/code]Look at the Q-BRIDGE-MIB for details:
"set vlan port" tells the switch that frames ingressing a specified port must be tagged with a specific vlan id within the switch, and "set vlan egress" tells that switch the set of egress ports for a particular vlan and whether the frames must be tagged or untagged on egress. (modify-egress lets you do both associations with an single command)