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TCP/UDP Port based Rate Limiting on EOS

Hi All,

I am trying to wrap my head around something and was hoping that someone out there could assist me in the right direction.

This will be for a POC.

Specific Layer 7 ports (80 or 123 or 587 as examples) rate limited (ingress [bandwidth shaping]) on an EOS switch - probably a C5 on a single interface (all network traffic passes past this interface)

I assume that the C5 will need the extra Routing license ?

I am getting a bit lost and think I might be totally over-complicating it in my mind. I was thinking that this could be done with extended ACLs and route-maps but I cant find examples of rate-limiting route-maps ?

Is this even possible ?

thanks !

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Hello Dewald,

I would suggest to use EOS policy. There is no routing licence needed.

Kind regards
You could do this with policy. You would use layer 3 ip socket source/dest or layer 4 TCP/UDP rules to classify traffic then apply whatever QoS/rate shaping etc.. Not 100% sure of the rate shaping capabilities of a C5.
thanks ! - I will check out Policy !