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Translate QOS and COS configuration from EOS to EXOS

Hi everyone,

we want to replace a N-Series with S-Series and XOS Switches.
The configuration for S-Series was pretty simple:
set cos port-config txq 0.1 name qos arb-slice 0,88,5,7,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
set cos settings 10 tos-value 0.0 txq-reference 11
set cos settings 12 tos-value 184.0 txq-reference 12
set cos settings 13 tos-value 104.0 txq-reference 13

set cos reference txq 0.1 10 queue 0
set cos reference txq 0.1 11 queue 1
set cos reference txq 0.1 12 queue 2
set cos reference txq 0.1 13 queue 3

set policy rule 10 iptos 0 mask 8 cos 10

set policy rule 10 iptos 104 mask 8 cos 13
set policy rule 10 iptos 184 mask 8 cos 12[/code]
How would this look in XOS?

I've already configured this:
create qosprofile qp2
configure diffserv examination code-point 46 qosprofile qp2
configure ports 15 qosprofile qp2
configure diffserv replacement qosprofile qp2 code-point 46
But I'm missing the part with "arb-slice"...

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Martin,

the "arb-slice" configuration defines the number of time slices (out of a total of 100 in your case) to allocate the individual queues. Those are used if weighted fair- or hybrid queuing is used. You can see the active configuration with
show cos port-config txq[/code]on the N-Series.

On EXOS you would configure the max bandwidth per qosprofile to use the equivalent functionality. You can create hybrid queuing on EXOS by globally selecting a weighted round robin scheme and configuring specific qosprofiles to use strict priority queuing.

The relevant commands are:
configure qosscheduler ...
configure qosprofile ... maxbw ...
configure qosprofile ... use-strict-priority[/code]Erik
Hey Erik,
Thanks for your reply.

I think I might have found the best for our customer...
What do you think?

create qosprofile qp2
create qosprofile qp3

configure qosscheduler weighted-round-robin

configure qosprofile QP1 minbw 0 maxbw 87 ports 15
configure qosprofile QP2 minbw 5 maxbw 100 ports 15
configure qosprofile QP3 minbw 7 maxbw 100 ports 15
configure qosprofile QP8 minbw 1 maxbw 100 ports 15

configure diffserv examination code-point 26 qosprofile QP3
configure diffserv examination code-point 46 qosprofile QP2

configure diffserv replacement priority 1 code-point 46
configure diffserv replacement priority 2 code-point 26[/code]
As this is the config for a X620, Port 15 is the Uplink-Port. And for now there are no Access-Ports configured with QoS.

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Hi Martin,

to me this looks very similar to the EOS configuration given above.

On EXOS, you can verify the QoS configuration using "show" commands (see the GTAC Knowledge article Configuring QOS profiles and verify QOS is working on EXOS for further info):
show port qosmonitor[/code]Regards,