unable to ping local interface vlan on C3 securestack

I created a interface vlan on a C3 securestack with the following :

interface vlan 104
ip address
no shutdown

show interface vlan 104 gives :

Vlan 104 is Administratively UP
Vlan 104 is Operationally DOWN
Internet Address is , Subnet Mask is
Mac Address is: 001F.4530.4517
The name of this device is Vlan 104
The MTU is 1500 bytes
The bandwidth is 0 Mb/s
Encapsulation type Ethernet
ARP Timeout: 14400 seconds

no answer from

in the result of the command "show ip route" the ip range does not show up.

other interface vlans on the same stack do work and show up in the ip route as local.

I compared the config with another C3 where everything works and don't see any difference.

Can anyone help me ?



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Assign a Port to the vlan and connect it to make it operationally up.
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You need to have the interface up. This will be accomplished by port assignment to that vlan. At least egress. The port must be up.
ok thanks, I will try this first thing on monday.
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The reason is because the interface created for "Vlan 104 is Operationally DOWN."
Fix: Set a port to a vlan or egress that VLAN on an uplink port (as suggested) and make sure the assigned port has physical link. It should work.

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