Upgrade Firmware 2 C5 STACKABLE


We have racks with 2 switches C5:

Management Preconfig Plugged-in Switch Code Switch Status Model ID Model ID Status Version
------ ------------ ----------- ----------- --------------------- --------------
1 Stack Member C5K125-48 C5K125-48 OK
2 Mgmt Switch C5K125-48 C5K125-48 OK

We want to upgrade firmware, my question is: I can reset only one at a time, not the 2 togheter. Why? Because we have vmware's server connected to both with protocol LACP. we won't wish to stop access the server.

Is it possible? Transfer and reset only one?

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To be in a stack the switches must be on the same version of firmware so there is no way to upgrade them separately.
Thks Curtis.