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VLAN Creation Extreme B Series Switches

  • 7 February 2019
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I'm very new to Extreme switches. I've worked on Cisco my entire career, so please forgive my ignorance. I have two core switches, at my site. They are S series switches. I also have access switches that are B series. This company has a flat VLAN architecture. I'm moving them to a VLAN hierarchy. I've added my layer 3 SVI onto the core switches, as well as the layer 2 vlan. I've also added the layer 2 vlan on one of the downstream B series switches. On the core switches, I've tagged that vlan on the "trunk" ports that lead to the downstream access switch. On the access switch, I've done the same; tagged the new vlan on the "trunk" ports. On the user access port, I added it to the new VLAN as untagged. On the core switches, I've added a helper address for DHCP. Even though the scope has been created, and activated, i'm not getting an IP. Just to test, I've taken a PC, on that user access port that I tagged in the new VLAN, and assigned it a static IP. I can't ping the layer 3 SVI on the core switches (even though I can ping it from the access switch). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!

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