VRRP advertisement IP not in List

  • 24 January 2017
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I got a S4 Chassis and a X670

I configured vrrp vrid 1 on both of them.

S4 (Master):
interface vlan.0.200
ip address primary
vrrp create 1 v3-IPv4
vrrp advertise-interval 1 centiseconds 20
vrrp priority 1 priority 200
vrrp address 1
vrrp enable 1
no shutdown

X670 (Backup):

configure vlan 200 ipaddress
create vrrp vlan 200 vrid 1
configure vrrp vlan 200 vrid 1 add
configure vrrp vlan 200 vrid 1 priority 100
configure vrrp vlan 200 vrid 1 advertise-interval 20
enable vrrp

Now the X670 is the Backup

The S4 should be the Master here.

when I put vrrp online I am getting following Error Message:

something like that
advertise-interval: IP not in List

After this the X670 is switching to the Mastert Role

Any suggestions?

1 reply

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Hi Mareen,

I'm not an expert but if I unterstand the v21 XOS command guide correctly you'd need to set timeformat of centiseconds or it's seconds per default.......