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Who is your reseller, and how do they do?

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This may not be an appropriate question to ask here, but I am interested in your feedback. If this is something I shouldn't be asking in an open forum - I will not take offense if this topic is closed or removed.

Who is your current reseller, and what grade do you give them? I have had a few issues with my current reseller. And I know it's been difficult on my Extreme sales team with quotes coming in late, and with the wrong items on them. I am not sure that I want to "jump ship" on them, but I am curious to see who else out there is reselling Extreme products - and what sort of impression they have left on you.

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I would contact your sales team to find a better channel partner. We use GSS Infotech and they get an A-. They are pretty good, responsive, on time etc...
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I agree... Extreme as a rule is very customer driven and if your channel partner is not living up to your expectations then you need to find another. They should work for you and you do have options.