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XSR Seems to Freeze

I have an enterasys XSR-3150 with firmware :

Sometimes my internet connectivity goes off and I have traced and realized its the router.

I am able to ping and console to verify all my configs and everything seems fine but until I always have to restart the device anytime it happens for connectivity to be restored.

I would appreciate your comments on the possible cause of this and the way forward.


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I'd normally be reluctant to comment on behavior correction without a more detailed problem description - configuration, network environment, recent changes etc...

In this case running f/w is vintage 2008.
Release notes between 2008 and the most recent ( Nov. 2013) indicate several fixes for resource depletion.
Firmware upgrade is the right next step.

Hi Mike, I apologise if I wasn't clear enough in my question. If you could be specific as to the further information needed, I'd be glad to provide. I suspected the firmware since the current version running is quite old. However extreme doesn't seem to have the firmware for this specific device on its product support page. Thank you.
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Hi Firmware is available on the Extranet Portal. If you are unable to access this, please contact GTAC.