1000Base-SX SFP module is not active (even it is detected) on X440 and x450

We bought a 1000Base-SX SFP module to link a 03 stacked Extreme x440 with x450.
The problem is that the module is detected (Red lazer is ON) when it is plugged on the switch but when i put the optical cable on module, the port is not UP (Green LED is not switched on)
The X450 ExtremeXOS version is12.0.3.16 (BootROM: IMG:
The X440 ExtremeXOS version (BootROM: IMG:

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just to validate the first layer at first:
- This is a MMF fiber you are plugging into the SFP, right?
- This is not on some combo port with copper already used on one side?

is there any chance to upgrade the x450? 12.0 is 6-7 years old, even for an original x450 (not a/e) there's more recent code.

What is the ref of your optic module? is it extreme?
it is not on some combo port with copper. i am aware that the similar copper port had to be free in order to use SX SFP module.
The ref of my module is:
Model No: 10051H 1000Base-SX SFP
Part No:900940-10-01
upgrade x450 is latest chance 🙂 and want tu bypass that upgrade
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As Stephane mentions above, a code version change cannot hurt if you can pull it off.... but in the meantime lets see if the switch is even seeing the optic insertion... pull the optic out, and put it back in.. do a "show log" and see if you see something like "SX optic inserted in port ", etc.. With the default log filter you should at least see the optic insertions and removals. We can then go from there...
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I would also try to swap polarity on your fiber jumpers...
i unplugged/plugged it and reboot the X440. The module is now detected !!
Thank you for your support
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one great thing you can use is

debug show optic slot 1 port 1 that will give you DDMI information about the port.
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That should be the equivalent of "show port transceiver info {detail}" command.
It requires, of course, the optic to support DDMI.
the show port transceiver show that:

Port : 2:48

Media Type : SX
Vendor Name : WTD
Part Number : RTXM191-552