10G SFP+ DAC between X670-G2 and Dell VxRail

Customer is trying to connect an X670-G2-48x (fw with Dell VxRail 500 using 3m DAC (#10305). Isn't getting any link light or anything. Dell consultant onsite so for sake of time, he tries Intel SFP+ optical transceiver in both devices and a simple fiber patch cord between the two devices. Gets link and appears to work just fine. Hasn't done any testing and doesn't have an Extreme SFP+ transceiver to use currently.

Anyone experience issues with DACs between Dell VxRail systems and XOS switches?
Any suggestions on details to look for?


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I would bet the Dell is being picky. I have never seen a 670 care about transceiver type.
Do you have a second switch to test with? See if the cable will link the 670 to another switch, if that works, it will be even more likely that the Dell is the issue.
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You need a active DAC. We use for those connections Brocade DAC
The Dell needs an active cable?
We have used 3M passive on 670s without a problem
David - your last comment about "3m passive on 670s"....meaning you've had this same config and it works with a Dell, right?

This is what customer has tried:
Plugging the SFP+ cable into the X670 and the Vxrail box. No link

Plugging the SFP+ cable from one Vxrail to another Vxrail. No link

Plugging the SFP+ cable from the X670 to the Black Diamond. LINK

Plugging an Intel 10G Gbic into the X670 and another Intel 10G Gbic into the Vxrail using a multimode fiber patch cable. LINK

So I was starting to think about what Bernhard stated - trying active DAC, except there isn't any onsite right now.
That matches what I have seen and would expect.

I also just found a couple data sheets that show a lot of Vxrail products require an active cable.