10GBASE-LR/LW XFP problem

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Hi, colleagues!

Have esome strange issue:
install 10GBASE-LR/LW XFP modules, connect them with optic patch and ports not up.
Try with other XGM3S-2xf, try with other transceivers, with other optic patchcord - nothing help.
Some outputs:
#deb hal sh op
Port 49Media Type XFP_LR
XFP Vendor: OEM
XFP Part Number: XFP-10G-LR
XFP Serial Number: S1106013011
XFP Revision: A
Date Code: 110819
Transceiver Type: XFP
Connector: LC
10GE Compliance: 10GBASE-LR/LW
XFP Supported: no
# sh ports 49-50 configuration no-refreshPort Configuration
Port Virtual Port Link Auto Speed Duplex Flow Load Media
router State State Neg Cfg Actual Cfg Actual Cntrl Master Pri Red
49 VR-Default E R OFF 10000 FULL !XFP_LR
50 VR-Default E R OFF 10000 FULL !XFP_LR

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

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The ! means something in the configuration output. Can you check the logs and provide that full output?
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The ! mean - that this is not original transceiver that have to work normally in 1/10G ports.
In 40/100G ports this is licensing.

Thank you!
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10g optics should not require licensing. However, this does not mean that all optics will work. Is this an Extreme optic? If not can you see if an Extreme optic works (If you have one lying around). Also, did the logs have anything interesting to say when you plug in these optics?
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That's not Extreme's optics.
In "H/S-ware-compatibility" document this optic is supporting.
Log only that LR_XFP is inserted
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Can you provide me with the version of code you are running?
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If you mean EXOS - trying with 15.4, 15.6, 15.7
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I think we should test this in the lab with some LR XFPs. We've got a few different manufacturers' models - all Extreme Certified.

Alexandr, what length and type of fiber cable are you using? I'm wondering if it is possible that they are shutting down because the signal is too strong.
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Hi, Drew!

I using dual fiber SM opatic patch-cord 1 and 2 meters.
Also tryed 1 port is non-original transceiver, second port - Extreme's transceiver.
I'm concerbed below output with abnormal parameters:
Port Temp TxPower RxPower TxBiasCurrent Voltage-Aux1/ Voltage-Aux2 (Celsius) (dBm) (dBm) (mA) Vcc (Volts) (Volts)
49 32.50* -40.00* -40.00* 2.00* 3.29 N/A
50 37.34 -1.74 -24.09* 37.80 3.35 N/A

Thank you!
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Have you tried looping the XGM modules into themselves to see if it will link up? This should help in determining if it is a particular module or a cable / optic.
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Hi, Kevin!

Exactly that's what I'm doing from the first time 🙂
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Hi, colleagues!

Issue is resolved.
It's known bug xos0060721

One of the symptoms:
- when reject XGM3S-4sf from switch, XFP modules normally working in XGM3S-2xf on all versions of EXOS.

Thank you!
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There is now a GTACKnowledge article for this problem: Link not coming up in ports in XGM3S-2xf