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we recently decided to upgrade to exos we have a variety of devices. x670, x460, x440, and x430-8p. We are using netsight When using inventory manager to push software to the devices. the is not listed as a option for the 430-8p. I can choose show all software and select it or manually TFTP it to the device. Also when i search for software on extreme website for the serial number of the 430x-8p, it shows as a download for it.

my question is does 16.1.14 work on the 430x-8p. I assume it will, but the face that netsight doesn't view it as an option, just made me question compatibility.


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The X430 is the entry level switch with only limited functionality and isn't running the same image as the other switches.

You should find a software image with a name "summitlight" so for example summitlite- which is the right one for the X430 series.