1G SFP Optical 1310nm transreceiver not detected on x670v switch

Hello Experts,

I have 2 types of transreceivers and would like to use them on my x670v switch.

a. 1000-T Copper SFP
b. 1G Optical SFP 1310nm

The Electrical/Copper SFP transreceiver works and the switch is able to detect it however the Optical SFP is not detected.

I have tried the resolution posted in the GTAC forum, but still no luck.

Has anyone every encountered this situation or know what is the issue ? Is it a hardware compatibility issue or software related issue ?

Thanks and BR//mike

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If it is extreme SFP and it is the supported one, then contact GTAC and the team there will help. In general 1G SFPs from any vendor are working fine... There is no software lock/license to unlock 3rd party SFPs on current versions of XOS.