460P not providing power

  • 11 September 2014
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I havea stack with a 460-24P(master) and a 460-48P. When I try to connect a POE device (several different devices tried, a Proxim 4000m and a Meraki MR34) there is no power. I have the same exact setup at another location, and it has no problems When I run command "Show inline-power slot 1" I get a response "Timeout occured while retrieving information from hardware." Same result with Show Inline-power slot 2 On the working 460s, I get a correct response. A couple of the ports do provide power, but I have only identified 2 out of 72. When a non POE device connects, everything looks fine. When I get a POE device connected, it doesnt even show as Active with a Show Port command Please help!

5 replies

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Hey Malcolm

can you do a show version and a show stacking?

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It looks to me a known software bug . We have seen this issue with x 440 so I assume version up should solve this issue . Or as a workaround reboot must help
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This is a well-known bug running under ID xos0057562. A fix does exist and is suspected to be included in the October relases of XOS. Workaround: Reboot slot 1 - not the whole stack.

Edit: As you have troubles with both slots, reboot one slot, wait for it to be online again, and the nreboot the other one.
Slot-1 Stack.1 # sho ver Slot-1 : 800323-00-07 1151G-81157 Rev 7.0 BootROM: IMG: Slot-2 : 800324-00-07 1209G-80580 Rev 7.0 BootROM: IMG: Slot-3 : Slot-4 : Slot-5 : Slot-6 : Slot-7 : Slot-8 : SS-B-1 : 800384-00-01 1215G-02856 Rev 1.0 SS-B-2 : 800384-00-01 1215G-02857 Rev 1.0 Image : ExtremeXOS version v1254b5 by release-manager on Tue Jun 28 10:10:40 PDT 2011 BootROM : Diagnostics : 0.4 Slot-1 Stack.18 # show stacking Stack Topology is a Daisy-Chain Active Topology is a Daisy-Chain Node MAC Address Slot Stack State Role Flags ------------------ ---- ----------- ------- --- *00:04:96:6c:ee:32 1 Active Master CA- 00:04:96:6d:15:c6 2 Active Standby CA- * - Indicates this node Flags: (C) Candidate for this active topology, (A) Active Node (O) node may be in Other active topology
Last weekend, I assumed a reboot would fix the issue, so I rebooted the stack. I bounced power on both at the same time. I will try reboot slot 1, wait for it to come back to life, then reboot slot 2. (Thanks for the quick responses!) Since reboots can only be done after hours, I will get back to you with results.