A PDF that requires Adobe Acrobat or Reader?

The PDF "ExtremeXOS 15.5 User Guide (Full PDF Portfolio)" on opens and says that you have to open it in Adobe Acrobat or Reader? Doesn't PDF mean Portable Document Format?

I don't want to install Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader because I don't like them. But now I'm being forced to install one in order to read the documentation using a file format that is suppose to allow me to choose any reader I want. I keep sitting here asking myself how badly do I want to read the documentation telling myself that I have no choice. What if I wanted to read this on an iPad?

I don't know what non-portable things are in that document but I strongly encourage Extreme to reconsider the practice of making non-portable documentation.

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Thank you for the update.

I will raise this issue to concern team.
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I'd like to back this report. Not because I dislike Adobe Reader, but because the new guides are painful to work with. Where the 15.3 guides where very long but easily searchable, the new 15.5 guides in that stupid combined PDF format are just complex.

(I've actually kept myself from swearing. Which was hard.)
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I believe the "15.5 User Guide" version requires Acrobat because this is a combined view of each volume. This is not all volumes in a single file, but an "interactive" one, hence the non-portability. You'd need to download each volume to use any reader you like. I understand it may be more complicated to search through it.

Your input is valuable, please don't hesitate to use this forum to give your feeling on the documentations, and/or point any mistake you find (if any).
The documentation is very large and I find myself reading the pdf's that I can on my iPhone. Maybe it's just me but when my computer is in front of me I have to use it to work and I rarely get to use it to learn things.
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I totally agree with James Reynolds here. Why have you done this ? The older format worked very well I also hate the bloatware Adobe. Hence I haven not yet installed it yet. Please provide it in at least two version then ? On in the older format and one in the new format.