About the remote-mirroring packet for XOS

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I have a question about the remote mirroring behavior for EXOS.
When Extreme switch transfers a packet for remote mirroring, is the mirroring packet a software forwarding?
Or software forwarding?
I think that Extreme switch is using the hardware forwarding to the remote mirroring.

I confirmed the EXOS15.3 user guide.
But, there is no information about packet forwarding for remote mirroring.

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This mirror is set up in hardware, and should have no CPU impact.

The mirrored data actually occupies fabric bandwidth, so it is very likely that normal forwarding

ExtremeXOS supports Multi Instanced Mirroring that expands the number of destinations allowed to match the hardware capabilities. (Current hardware allows for up to 4 ingress mirroring instances and two egress mirroring instances.)

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