I've configured an ACL on our Extreme Summit 670 core switch for log connection inside our network.
This is the ACL config:
create access-list Log-connection " source-address ; destination-address ;" " permit ; log ; mirror-cpu ;" application "Cli"[/code]Applied to all VLAN and all port:

configure access-list add Log-connection last priority 0 zone SYSTEM any ingress[/code]I've redirect all log to my NMS syslogd but I have fear about the switch harddrive.
Someone know where this log is stored on the switch?

Paolo Trivisonno

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Hello Paolo,

You have to enable log events additionally, please check the article for more details -

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Yes, I've configured the ACL after read this post.. the ACL log works.. I saw log on the switch and on my syslog.
The question is another.. where is stored the log on the switch?
We have many traffic -> logged..
I'm afraid with this ACL the log can fill all drive/memory..
How I can check the log size? Where is stored?

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Paolo Trivisonno
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In your case log events are stored at the memory-buffer, default buffer size is 1000 messages then the old one will be overwritten.

X70G2.1 # sh log configuration Debug-Mode: Enabled Log Target : memory-buffer Enabled : yes Filter Name : DefaultFilter Match regex : Any Severity : Debug-Data (through Critical) Format : MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS.hh Buffer size : 1000 messages Percent Full : 55% Full Alert : None
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