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Add ports with VLAN's in different VRFs

  • 7 February 2019
  • 2 replies

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So this is the problem, I've created a new VRF called VR-Guest and associated a VLAN name and ID to it, but when adding the VLAN to the uplink port (1:52) of this X450G2 version, it complains it can't because the port already belongs to the VR-Default.

# configure vlan "B20_23-Lwr-Gnd-Gst" add ports 1:52 tagged
Error: Port 1:52 belongs to virtual router VR-Default. VLAN is created on virtual-router VR-Guest
Configuration failed on backup Node, command execution aborted!

I've read that its possible to configure this which is whats stuck in my mind (sure I've done it in the past), but think my problem might be that the port already belongs to VR-Default instead of one that was created prior, say VR-Internal?

Is that the case?

Is there anyway of getting around it (lesson learnt if not the case) without breaking the network as it would require having to reconfigure everything in the new VRF VR-Internal so that I can use the extra VRF I need VR-Guest?

Many thanks in advance.

Amendment: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/How_To/How-to-make-1-port-participate-on-VLAN-s-part-of-multiple-VR-s

2 replies

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in order to do that you first need to delete the port out of vr-default

you should be able to do this with the following command:

configure vr VR-Default delete ports 1:52

you should then be able to add vlans from different vrs to the port.

please note you may need to delete all the vlans from the port in order to delete it from the vr first.
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Oh dear.... was hoping for a silver bullet on this one.

Have to make the VR available to pretty much all the ports n the network, that would be a major undertaking and cause massive disruptive to implement.

If there is a silver bullet, or something that's coming in a future release be helpful to know.