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I´m trying to see the Administrative Distance in a BD but when I use the command show iproute I´m only able to see the Metric and I don´t seem to find a command that can show me the AD of a route. I have seen that you can configure/change the priority to the routing protocols will this be the equivalent to the AD on other devices like Cisco? What command could I use to see the AD or priority of a route?

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Hi Cruz, you can view the global routing protocol priorities using the following command. And yes, these values are similar to the concept of AD in Cisco

show iproute priority vr [/code]# show iproute priority "VR-Default" Direct 10
Blackhole 50
Static 1100
ICMP 1200
EBGP 1700
IBGP 1900
OSPFIntra 2200
OSPFInter 2300
Isis 2350
IsisL1 2360
IsisL2 2370
RIP 2400
OSPFAsExt 3100
OSPFExt1 3200
OSPFExt2 3300
IsisL1Ext 3400
IsisL2Ext 3500
Bootp 5000[/code]
To alter any of the priorities, use the following command:
# configure iproute priority vr [/code]Related knowledge-base article: How to make a dynamic route take precedence over a static route

I hope this helps