alternate stacking with x460 using summitstack-v80 card

Hi - can anyone assist- I have 3 x460 switches that I am stacking, each switch uses the summitstack-v80 card with fiber optic cables. I am pretty sure its configured correctly as follows-

1- all 3 switches have identical images on same partition
2- license level on all 3 is edge
3- before cabling them up I ran (configure stacking-support stack-port all selection alternate) then roboot all switches individually.

4- at this stage I have cabled them in a ring topology 1-2 1-2 and 1-2 sequence

5-once the switches come up I ran the sh stacking to see if all switches show up but only one shows up not the other two (here all 3 should show up as disabled

6 i check the stacking protocol and its standard on all switches

7- i run the configure easy-setup command and reboot, once all switches come up they do not form a stack instead they become seperate switches

also there is no link light on the summitstack- v80 modules at all

can you assist please.

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You should not configure stack-port all selection alternate. The summitstack-v80 is "native"
The alternate ports on the x460 is the module with two 10 gb ports if you have that installed.
yes i got it to work by default the ports are in native mode.