Anybody Using sFlow Successfully?

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Has anyone got a working implementation of s-Flow that they find useful. If so what collector software and XOS configuration do you use?

I'm running XOS and I've tried a couple of software packages - Castlerock's SNMPC and Plixer's Scrutinizer but not had much luck.

I appear to be getting flows but the Extreme sends them without destination interfaces which confuses Scrutinizer. Scrutinizer also only reports on the actual sampled flow rates - I'm using the default 1/8192 rate so my traffic levels per conversation/app look very low indeed.

Has anyone had more success wih sFlow and can you recommend a collector?

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Have you tried sFlowTrend? It's free and correctly scales sampled data.
Hi Stephen, What switch model are you using? The Summit X460 exports IPFIX which doesn't sample and the IP accounting details are more accurate than sFlow.

If you call support at Plixer, we can check your sFlow configuration. Also, in Scrutinizer v12, we added a multiplier for sFlow. Make sure you are exporting both the samples and the interface counters. I hope this helps.
Thanks for your replies.. 🙂 I have tried sFlow Trend - it's nice and straightforward, but the free edition doesn't store historical data. Scrutinizer seems to be fully featured but the version I'm trialling doesn't scale up the data so you get very odd looking results.

I will look into IPFIX though - thanks again for your suggestions.