Assign static ip address with MAC on Extreme Summit X440

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I have define the dynamic IP range of DHCP on Summit X440.
How can I do to assign static IP address with some MAC address?

Please help me, thanks~

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Hi Shunze,
The option to configure DHCP reservations is not available in EXOS at this time. You may want to contact your local sales team with this as a feature request.
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Hi, Shunze!

Can you tell what reason for this task?
Whatever you can see MAC - show fdb, abd then see IP on this MAC - show iparp
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We have DHCP asign random IP for normal users.
But with some VIP usrs (such as my boss), we want to assing a static IP.
Then we can control the normal and VIP users with different rules on firewall.

So I need to know how to assign static IP for the VIP's mac address,
and add the record in X440 switch.
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you can assign address statically on boss PC/laptop )
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Hi Shunze,
Keep in mind that MAC addresses can be easily be spoofed and used with the VIP's IP address when the VIP is away. I wouldn't recommend using this method for firewall security rules.
With that, the current DHCP implementation in EXOS does not have options for DHCP reservations.