Auto on/off at X670

Hi Everyone 🙂, I have some question regarding auto on /off at extreme x670,

1. I want to auto on speed 100 duplex full, but there are errors like this
Error: Speed specified is not supported on port 6.
and then i checked the type in this port is BaseT

SW-02-L1-01.1 .2 # sh ports 6 information detail
Port: 6(port_test):
Virtual-router: VR-Default
Type: BASET (Industrial Temperature)
Random Early drop: Unsupported
Admin state: Enabled with 10G full-duplex
Link State: Ready
Link Ups: 0 Last: --
Link Downs: 0 Last: --

VLAN cfg:
Name: Vlan_test, Internal Tag = 10, MAC-limit = No-limit, Virtual router: VR-Default
STP cfg:

Name: Vlan_test Protocol: ANY Match all protocols.
Trunking: Load sharing is not enabled.

EDP: Enabled

2. current configuration in port 2 is auto on, and I want to change to auto off but could not and there is an error
SW-02-L1-01.2 # configure ports 2 auto off speed 1000 duplex full
Error: Auto negotiation off is not supported on port 2 at 1G speed.

If someone can help It would be greatly appreciated.


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1) auto on, speed 100, duplex full - if auto negotation is set to enabled why would you set speed/duplex.
But here a post about the fibre port regarding auto neg...

2) auto must be on for a 1G port
Thanks for replay Ronald,
1. I still do not understand, I have a case that the device connected to the port 6 can only run at 100 Mbps, so what should I do? at this time link still ready
2. by default auto negotiation on the x670 is on or off?
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1) which GBIC is in port 6 - because in the output it looks like a 10G

2) auto negotiation enabled - but you could check with "show port configuration"
There is one row in the output that show auto neg on/off
Mas Irwanto, tipe x650-24x dan x670 hanya support minimum speed 1g (kecuali port management). Jadi walaupun pake sfp base-t tetap minimum speed 1000/1G. untuk point 2 g perlu di setting auto off, jika sfp yg digunakan 1g maka akan langsung terbaca 1g kok. mohon maaf jika dirasa kurang
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SFP+ ports in X670 are 1G/10G ports only. They DO NOT support 100M.

If you install a 10/100/1000Base-T transceiver it will ONLY work at 1G.
Ronald and Daniel,
Thank you for the explanation,

Mas Adhe,
terima kasih untuk penjelasannya