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autonegotiation problem on X440-48t-10G

autonegotiation problem on X440-48t-10G

hi, my problem is the tuning speed and mode on ports for old pc , this client works fine on old switch A2H124-48, when I try to connected same client on new sw (X440-48t-10G), the connection not work!!!
the led on the port with no connection is green, but the output console port is:

Port Display VLAN Name Port Link Speed Duplex# String (or # VLANs) State State Actual Actual

3:43 UfficiCup E R

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Hi Mauro,

Just to confirm, when you plug this PC into port 3:43 on this stack, the port LED for another port lights up green?

Can you attach a picture of the incorrect LED lit up?

Also, does the port whose LED lights up show as active in the CLI as well?

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Hi Mauro,

In addition to the LED status requested by Brandon, please also share the following output:

show port 3:43 configuration no-refresh.

When it was connected to the old switch, are you aware of the port speed and duplex settings on that switch when it was operational?

Looking forward to your response!

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Mauran wrote:

Do the logs show any port becoming active when you connect and disconnect that link? If you disable it, does the LED turn off?
Mauran wrote:

no ,with port disabled the LED stays green , and by command line State: R
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Mauran wrote:

Mauro, At this point, I would suggest opening a case with GTAC so that this can be investigated further.
How to contact Extreme Networks Global Technical Assistance Center (GTAC)
Mauran wrote:

sorry ,my problem can be auto-bind of stpd s0?
It must be configured on all VLAN present on the switch?
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Mauran wrote:

STP should not affect the physical status of the port.

I agree with Drew, at this point it would be best to open a case with GTAC.

Also, can you verify that this is slot 3 that the cable is plugged into? There is a slot number display on the left side of the switch.

I don't mean any offense, but I just want to confirm we are looking at the correct switch, since this is definitely not expected behavior.

Mauran wrote:

hello we solved now at least the corresponds to the LED port, and state by cli that are:
A port with green led, .

action taken:

"We have restarted the sw tonight with a scheduled restart, and the problem seems riembrato, at least matching LED and port status ...."

I think he crashed because of some loop caused the tipping lan in migration,
Now we would like to implement the equivalent of the fast port BPDU guard for access port give me feedback on command?

configure stpd "s0" ports link-type edge-edge port_list safeguard disable

I want to get fast convergence of the access port and put the port in error if one sw washed again instead of a PC, are now in default with auto edge, I think that is the equivalent edge-safeguard but must be in rule command disable or enable ???

thanks for the time.
the port is 3:44, the states is R but led green!!!!!
Hi Mauro

Try to config the Port with Auto On Speed 100 Duplex Full

We had similar Problems with some Clients, and this helps