AVB Summit Configuration Help

We are an AV Integrator and are in the process of installing (4) Summit switches. They will need to carry AVB audio as well as some control data, Dante audio, etc. Rather than attempt to learn how to configure these switches, we would like to pay someone a consulting fee to help us through the process. Please respond if you are interested in helping. Thank you.

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Email ppsd@extremenetworks.com and we can help you
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I know we've already conversed via email, but for others who may find this thread later...

We do a lot of work with BiAmp and their config guide may be a helpful place to start: https://support.biamp.com/Tesira/AVB/Enabling_AVB_on_Extreme_Networks_switches
There is a good guide here as well: http://www.extremenetworks.com/audio-video-bridging
You'll also likely find some useful info by doing a search for avb on GTAC Knowledge.

In addition, I've passed your info along to the Systems Engineer for your region to see if he can get you the support you're looking for.