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Bandwidth Management

  • 7 January 2014
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Create Date: Aug 22 2012 7:27AM

Hi we have a customer who would like to implement some sort of bandwidth management on their Extreme core and switches. They have a requirement to reserver dedicated bandwidth for http and https traffic on 3 of their VLANs (Corporate, Guest Wireless & Members Wireless)
The core is an 8800 with the edge switches being a mixture of older and new kit.
Any pointers or config guides greatly appreciated.
(from gary_osler)

1 reply

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Create Date: Sep 5 2012 5:48AM

Hey GaryThe best way to do this is to create 2 queues and place the HTTP and HTTPS into those queues using an ACL to look at the TCP/UDP port. This assumes that all HTTP and HTTPS traffic from the 3 VLANs are to be treated differently than we will need 6 queues.After the queues are created you can either set wieghts to them or give them min% and max% bandwidth parameters.So create qosp qp3/4config qosp qp3/4 {see Command reference for all options in this command}Your ACL policy will look something like below. You can create this file via the vi editor on the switch or created it with a txt editor and tftp it to the switch as a .pol fileentry http_permit { if { protocol tcp; source-port 80;} then { permit; count http_permit; qosprofile qp3;}}This info can be looked at in the concepts guide.Let me know if there are any questions.P (from Paul_Russo)