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Base T on Base X switch

  • 29 July 2019
  • 8 replies

Can i install 1000baseT tranceiver in X460-G2-48X-10GE4 model?

8 replies

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Link LED glows in X460-G2-48X-10GE4 switch when we install 1000base T , but couldn't ping another device connected to same switch.
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Show port config port xx Port where base t is installed
Show port info detail port xx same as above.

if you have a pc plugged into the switch via cat 5 there are many thing that need to be in place to connect to another device on the 460. Are you using vlans? if the switch just set up where all ports are still in default vlan ??

link to configuration guide https://documentation.extremenetworks.com/exos_22.3/exos_21_1/lldp/t_configuration-overview.shtml
I will get you the port config tommorrow from site.
In local building where X460-G2-48X-10GE4 is installed through base T SFP master server PC H90 is installed. 1GBps port.

Other connections to this switch are server PC connected from other buildings using SFP LX 1310nm. 1GBPS.

Our doubt is whether Base T MGBIC can be installed since manual says X460-G2-48X-10GE4 is 48 baseX SFP which is Fibre ports.

vlan is not used.all ports are in default configuration..

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Earlier we had issues with some Base-T optics.
Issue resolved by disabling autonegotiation, and manually configuring speed 1000.
#conf port X auto off speed 1000 ...

Thank you!
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Also, is this an Extreme original SFP or a 3rd party? Extreme original should work, but 3rd party SFPs (1000Base-T) can act in different ways depending on the switch model. You CANNOT use it in combo ports, though (not even Extreme original), but then again, why should you?
Tried changing Port speed to 1000, no sucess
SFP used is Original Extreme , and not on combo port