basic routing question

I have VLAN configured with no routing on my Extreme network core (very basic network). the Vlans are routed on the gateway which is our UTM appliance (handles WAN/ VPN public traffic etc).

I would like to create a new set of VLANs on the core with routing handled by the core. so clients on those VLANS would have the VLAN IP as the gateway (i think??). how do i then get those clients to route external traffic to the UTM (WAN appliance).


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Below is what I guess you wanna achieve.
I would say assign ip to the l2 vlan but use the gateway ip for that vlan as wan appliance ip.
Then create two vlans in extreme switch with ip address so that they can route.
As last step you wanna add a static route for the two vlans to route external.
Hope this helps.
please let me know incase of any queries.

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Hello Robin. Create the VLANs and assign I address then enable it forwarding using enable ipf. That I is will be the default gateway for all users in that VLAN. For those users to then get out the way create a default route in the switch using the command configuration ipf add default. The I needs to be the WAN device. The WAN device has to be on one of the VLANs with and IP. So for example VLAN test iPad and put the WAN on that subnet. You will also need to add static routes on the WAN to point back to the core. I hope that helps. If you need more provide the VLAN and IP information and we can help. Thanks p
Thanks for the replys, i will be testing this tomorrow and will let you know if i get it to work.

one more question about this. would I need to enable IP forwarding on the VLAN that the Default Gateway is on?
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Hey Robin

Yes you will need to enable IPforwarding on that VLAN as well

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Create vlans
Add ports
Assign ip address
and then "enable ipf"
one command will enable ip forwarding on all vlans.
enable ipfowarding works for specific vlan.