BD 8810 - upgrade to 10Gbps

Hi, can anyone let me know what is required to upgrade a BD 8810 (purchased 4+ years ago) to run ports at 10Gbps? Which hardware parts/firmware requirements? Regards, mark

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According to the current data sheet you just need to insert a 10G linecard. However, depending on your MSM, you might not be able to run all ports at wire speed (page 6, MSM table, "Slot Capacity").

Can't say anything about the required firmware though; always using the latest release. Hardware support should be listed in the EXOS release notes.
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Hi Mark,

Robert is correct. Basically the only thing you need is a 10G linecard.
However if your MSMs are legacy you may need to upgrade them as well.


Thanks both of you. How would I know if the MSM is legacy? [note i only have CLI access at the moment]
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If you type "show slot" you will see the model type of the MSM.
MSM-G8X and MSM-48 is legacy.
We have legacy MSM-48 😞
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Hey Mark

The MSM 48 has the same performance as the MSM-48C and can be used with a 10G module. There is information on SW and HW matrix on e-support that will list the minimum SW versions needed. The older 10G modules go back to 12.1 code and the newer 8900 modules go back to 12.4

To Ron's point above if you use a 8900 module you will not get all of the bandwidth as you would if you had a MSM128.

If you use the 4 port 10G module you should be ok as long as the modules are supported in the SW.

Hope that helps

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What I mean by legacy MSMs, is that both the MSM-G8X and MSM-48 will go Out of Support in a year from now on. These MSMs are only capable of running ExtremeXOS 12.5 or less. That version is already Out of Support.

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Refer this guide to get the information about the hardware and software compatibility
Thanks for the replies, very very useful.