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BD 8900-MSM128 console connection

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Hi All,

I am trying to access to 8900-MSM128 module using console port. This console port is COM not RJ45 port.

I am using 2 adapters that shipped normally with switches from both sides (module side and my laptop side) I tried all the option using secure CRT but I could not get access.

Anyone had experienced this problem, is there a special adapter for this module.

Thanks in advance,

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What setting are you putting into secure CRT? Are you using a USB to Serial converter? I know these may have been things you have checked but make sure you are using the correct com port and make sure the serial setting are set to the following:

Speed (Baud) = 9600
Data Bits = 8
Stop Bits = 1

Hope this helps!

I had similar issue, and couldn't get into console via using what's provided in the box. ( I had COMM/usb to DB9 Male in the box).

I had to buy 'DB9 Female - DB9 Female', connect that to my PC and verify the COMM port number under 'My Computer>manage>Device>Com Ports', worked fine.

After that I gave Ip address to MGMT port, and never had to use that DB9 anymore.
This may work for you as well.

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Thank you Zubair, I could get access using this cable DB9 female - Female. I will give IP for mgmt vlan and forget this console port.