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BD8810 MSM-48c and MSM-g8x operating at same chassis?

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Create Date: Apr 9 2012 6:50PM

Hi there.

Can I operating MSM-g8x and MSM-48c at same chassis?

XOS Version : 12.3

Can do that?

(from Beomyong_Park)

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Create Date: Apr 10 2012 2:12AM

it should be possible.


Table 1: Required Minimum Software Versions
Part Number Minimum Software Version
800230-00 ExtremeXOS 12.1.1 (or later)
800314-00 ExtremeXOS (or later 12.1 release)
12.2.1 (or later)

"If you install an MSM-48c into a system with a primary MSM-G8X or MSM-48 running a software build earlier than
the required minimum ExtremeXOS version (see Table 1), your system may CRASH or not operate correctly.
A software upgrade may not be possible until the MSM-48c is removed."

--> see http://www.extremenetworks.com/libraries/services/120409-00_Rev_04_MSM-48c_Module_Release_Note.pdf


(from matthias_mager)