Benefits of using the AVB licensing within a ExtremeSwitching deployment?

I have been reading up on the AVB license within ExtremeXOS, and I am trying to find out what would be the use case for purchasing the licensing within a ExtremeSwitching deployment. Is is strictly for A/V integrator partners that are need that 802.1BA protocol enabled? Can it be used for other environments such as IP voice and video collaboration deployments? Since it is a feature that can be enabled with the most commonly requested ExtremeSwitching solutions, it would be great to turn up a feature that could make positive impact on the network.

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There is a lot of consideration to take when using other protocols in conjunction to AVB. A/V protocols, due to the nature of live audio and video, are inherently sensitive to packet delay and packet loss. When multiple protocols compete for the same bandwidth and resources, conflicts can occur. The following article may give further insight: