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best practices for connecting unify voip ip phone on Enterasys C5 switches.

I would kindly to know what best practice follow to have more convergence and less network congestion for Voip phone connected on the C5 model switch.Currently traffic is well managed on my switch, as an example the ge.1.46 port as intended for PC and IP Phone:
SW-L.T._P.3 (on) -> show vlan Portinfo
ge.1.46 1 N untagged: 1 tagged: 4
ge.1.47 1 N untagged: 1 tagged: 4.99
while pt ge.1.47 is a trunk port to another switch.

VLAN 1 VLAN data for pc
VLAN 99 VLAN switch management

Should I implement QoS? If so, you can indicate a template to follow?
Thank you
ps: I would like to give greater priority to VOIP VLAN 4, and that the least possible delay situations.

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Hello Stefano,

The QoS application and concepts are easier using Netsight and Policy Manager (Extreme NMS) but this short article fits the template description and should help if using CLI:


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