BGP in XOS 15.1.x

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Create Date: Jul 23 2012 5:49AM


I am running BGP in XOS 15.1.x receiving full routes from two transit providers.
Over the past few months I have experienced several bgp session resets due to optional attributes errors.

Last week, this was caused by an Italian ISP announcing a route with invalid AGGREGATOR attribute:

BGP routing table entry for
Aggregator: 0 []

AGGREGATOR: AS: 0 origin: - (hex: C0070800 00000000 000000)

This, per BGP RFC should trigger a session reset, but it seems Extreme is the only one doing it.

Has anyone seen this an oppened a ticket about this issue?

It seems to happen from time to time, that someone announces this type of route, and results in total unavailability as all transit sessions resets and returns in endless flapping, till the route is removed or fixed. Which is not acceptable in a production environment.

Best regards,
Kenneth (from Kenneth_Oestrup)

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Create Date: Aug 8 2012 12:00PM

Hi Kenneth,

I am not running 15.1x in production yet, due to some issue's I've seen with it on performance of the BGP session build-up and routes being tagged initially are unfeasible before being accepted. (that takes ages with lots of peers..)

I've seen something similar last year with a route from STC in Saudi. The quick fix was to exclude the route from the transit's and deny it specifically. Though for whomever is using it.. but if it is crashing your router.. deal with it.

(from Erik_Bais)
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Create Date: Oct 10 2012 11:15AM

EXOS does not yet implement

This issue is being tracked as PD4-3124143806 in EXOS. Please contact Extreme TAC for further details concerning when and in what release this will be implemented.

Andrew (from Andrew_McConachie)