BGP IPv4 Adj

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Create Date: Oct 4 2013 8:01PM

[i] vrId 3 adj 0xB10A7002 Uninstalled adj found processing hit.

I'm getting the above message logged every 2-3 minutes. There is bgp running in that vr (3). Is this something to worry about?

(from Luis_Coelho)

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I have this message in my log:

02/27/2014 16:08:37.23 [i] vrId 2 adj 0xAC10229F Uninstalled adj found processing hit.
02/27/2014 16:07:36.11 [i] vrId 2 adj 0xAC10228B Unknown host found scanning hash collisions.

I'm not know if is the same problem. I'm not configured a BGP, my switch is a x440t. What do you know about this message?