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BGP policy match no communities

In a BGP routing policy, I need to match NLRIs that explicitly have no community attribute(s).

none of these seem to work, the latter two generating syntax errors:

community "^$";
community "";
community ;

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Hi Dave,

It looks to be a bug. Can you please check the below article?



Which version are you in?

Karthikeyan patch 1-10

I've also discovered community ".+" doesn't seem to work either.
Also not working in patch 1-13

In this case the policy checks and refreshes, it just doesn't actually work.

rtr.wmtn.24 # ch pol x Policy file check successful. rtr.wmtn.25 # ref pol x Policy x refresh done! rtr.wmtn.26 # sho bgp nei x.x.x.x accepted-routes al output not consistent with the policy is shown.[/code]