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Black Diamond 8810 EXOS upgrade

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Hello All,

We wish to upgrade our Black Diamond 8810 Core switches from BootROM: IMG: v1531b4 to BootROM: IMG: v1554b2-patch1-5. Is this EXOS code going to be supported after an upgrade and/or do we need to go to a higher revision to maintain support?

Thank you,

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Hi Mykhaylo,

According to the Software Lifecycle document located at http://learn.extremenetworks.com/rs/extreme/images/Extreme_Software_Status.pdf, EXOS 15.5 will be supported through April 2017

Just as an aside, we have a matrix of recommended versions for our hardware at http://documentation.extremenetworks.com/hw_sw_compatibility/HardwareSoftwareCompatibility/r_exos-re.... This matrix currently recommends a different software version than what you are proposing:

BD 8500-MSM24 EXOS
BD 8800-MSM48c EXOS
BD 8800-MSM96 EXOS
BD 8900-MSM128 EXOS
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Hello Brad,

Thank you for your confirmation.

All the best,