black diamond unexpected reboot after io module insert

Hello all, i hope you can help me
we have two black diamonds after a reboot for electrical power
one of the io module failed, and an after a change for a new module

MSM-48c from MSM-48a

and after execute the the unconfigure the black diamond reboots
and after that a error shows up

Nov 7 21:53:32 NM: MSM-B has failed for the reason of "Process Failure".

Nov 7 21:53:32 DM: BACKUP NODE (MSM-B) DOWN

Nov 7 21:53:32 DM: MSM-B FAILED (0) Process Failure

Nov 7 21:53:33 DM: Slot-4 being Powered ON

please can you help me

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trying to fully understand...

you have two 8900 chassis and had a power failure causing the system to reboot.

on reboot you had a msm B fail ? Were you already mixing two different msm's the 48c and 48a ?

Is the failed card a new one you are trying to put in and if so you need to match the types also.

What image are you running on the cards and are they matched?
hi EtherMAN,

yes after the reboot, one of the slot failed, so we have to change it
show after changed, the modules were different, we have to make this prodedure

but after the unconfigure command
the black diamond reboot

there is any other command to see what happened to this slot
apart from:

show slot
show slot 4 detail

thanks for your time and help!
hi EtherMAN

this are the logs that showed us

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you can see if there is a dump file

show debug system-dump ...

run this from each msm. GTAC will need to look at the file to see if this was hardware or software related. If you had a spare chassis and msm you could run an extended diagnostics on the card to check any hardware issues. You can run this on an open slot in your current chassis too but keep in mind the diagnostics locks the msm and is a bit cpu intensive so I would do it during a sceduled window just incase...

previous info about the dump
thanks a lot EtherMAN,

so if the file or dump exist and if we can see it with the following command

show debug system-dump

we are not going to be able to read because is a dump and the only people who can read it is GTAC and extreme developers, so i thinks we have to scalate this problem to the GTAC to solve this.

Thanks a lot for your time and help
you are the best, Best Regards
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yes on dump file... yes ans no on reading file LOL... there can be some information in the dump that we normal human beings can read and understand. there is also a memory dump that only GTAC and the guys that think in binary can decipher >>> good luck