Can EXOS act as 802.1x supplicant?

Hi! Can EXOS act as an 802.1X supplicant? I'm thinking about a scenario where I want an access switch to authenticate itself to the distribution switch before It’s uplink become active.

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Hi Knut,

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As far as i know Switch can only pass and it cannot act as a 802.1x Supplicant.
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Hi Knut,

i had the same demand as you - but with EXOS/EOS it is currently not possible to do that.

I hope that Extreme will be provide this feature in the near future.

If you are interested how other huge vendor solve that demand - Cisco NEAT (Network Edge Authentication Topology).

Hi Matthias,

Good to see that I'm not alone 🙂 In general I see 802.1X as a method to secure user ports. However in some office environments switches are also placed in user "controllable" areas like meeting rooms etc. The up-link for such switches would typical be accessible to users and should preferably be protected with 802.1X like the rest of the user ports.

Also when other switch vendors have this, it seems like a "valid" feature.
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I will try to get any info on that and update this thread.
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Feature request 01263036 has been created.

The SE for the region will follow up.