Can I add acl (block mac address or allow mac address) on snmp

I want to block mac address or I want to allow blocked mac address on SNMP agent

Can I do this via snmp ?

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Do you want to use SNMP to deploy ACLs or do you want to deploy ACL to block SNMP?
SNMP uses UDP port 161 so this might be used, but it depends on your hardware if you can create ACL that combines L2 and L4 matching rules. I doubt it would work, gotta think on a workaround.

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HI Sezgin,

I assume you have an EXOS switch with you. As Tomasz said, if you wish to block/allow certain users from accessing the switch via SNMP, then

If you wish to deploy ACLs using SNMP, you can explore using dynamic ACLs as they are a part of the configuration file as opposed to a static ACL and can be pushed to a switch. But I have not tested this as yet and as Tomazs said, we may need to check if we can use L2 and L4 information together. More details will be present in the EXOS user guide for using dynamic ACLs.