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Can I increase MTU size on a VLAN without an IP interface

I need to increase the MTU size on one VLAN, but the VLAN does not have an IP interface. The customer is using a /30 network, so before I tell him to reconfigure I want to check?

I get an error stating "VLAN 'VLAN NAME' has no IP Interface"

Summit 460 w/ Core License

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Hello Eric,

This should help:


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Hi Eric, as far as I know, the MTU can only be set on VLANs that are configured for L3. But if you do enable Jumbo frames, as outlined in the article Mike shared, any frames larger than 1522 bytes arriving on a port won't be fragmented. So I guess that still counts as a win!
Thanks, for the responses. You are correct and I verified it with GTAC.