Can I upgrade directly from IMG: to 21.1.3 on the Summit x460-G2?

The title pretty much says it all. Can I upgrade directly from IMG: to 21.1.3 on the Summit x460-G2? I want to make sure their aren't any interim upgrades or patches I need to do prior. I searched for the upgrade matrix to this but couldn't find it. Also, should I be using the .xos or the .xmod file? What's the real difference? Thanks in advance.

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Hello Pierre,

This is a direct upgrade. You will need the .XOS file. An .XMOD file is used to modify the functionality of the switch, usually to add additional features.

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Hi Pierre,
Upgrading from 16.1 to 21.1 is supported. Just take some time to read over the release notes to see about known issues and such.

Regarding .xos and .xmod files, the .xos file is the actual EXOS image. XMODs are used to install additional features, such as openflow, ESVT, and SSH in some versions.
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You can upgrade directly from to 21.1.3 on the X460-G2. You need the .xos file when installing 21.1.3.
Starting in EXOS 21.1, SSH is integrated into the standard EXOS image. There is no longer a separate XMOD module needed for SSH.
This is also carried forward starting with EXOS 16.2 and 22.1.
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Three responses in less than 4 minutes... I think it's safe for me to mark this one "Answered." 🙂
Thanks for the responses!