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Can I upgrade XOS from the bootrom Using USB flash drive ??

Hi All,

I am trying to upgrade XOS from the bootrom using USB ( fat32 ). I am using this command < download image memorycard summit.xos >
The output is :-
(Re)start USB...
Scanning Bus for storage devices... 1 Storage Device(s) found
Unknown Command 'fatload' - try 'help'
* file: summit.xos image load failed from memorycard

Note : I am able to upgrade the XOS from the same USB flash drive while logging inside the switch but not from the BootRom. am I missing some commands or it is not possible to upgrade from bootrom using USB ??? ------help

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What model switch are you using?
Summit X460 and X440
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I tried in lab switch and don't think it is possible to upgrade the EXOS from BootROM using USB flash drive or memory card:

BootRom > download image ?
download: not enough arguments
usage: download image [i] <[path]filename>