Can't delete static route - Please Help!!

We have multiple Black Diamond 10808 with ExtremeXOS version (v1514b3-patch1-4 by release-manager). We are suddenly unable to delete static routes, as is the case below. I saw someone else had the issue before but there was no resolution. This is a critical problem for us! Does anyone know why this happening or how to fix?

# sho ipr 66.201.xx.xx/29

Ori Destination Gateway Mtr Flags VLAN Duration
#s 66.201.xx.xx/29 66.201.xx.xx 1 UG---S-um--f- Filbert 23d:19h:48m:8s

# conf iproute delete 66.201.xx.xx/29 66.201.xx.xx

ERROR: Cannot delete the net route (66.201.xx.xx/ with gateway(66.201.xx.xx)

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could you try restarting the rtmgr process.
Then try to delete.

could you try restarting the rtmgr process.
Then try to delete.

I dont see a rtmgr process.

BD10K# restart process class
Process of the same class
Process name
"bfd" "bgp" "dot1ag" "eaps"
"flowvsr" "idMgr" "isis" "lldp"
"mpls" "netLogin" "netTools" "ospf"
"snmpMaster" "snmpSubagent" "telnetd" "tftpd"
"thttpd" "vrrp" "xmlc" "xmld"

I may be grasping at straws but I think the 'f' flag indicates that this route is being used for forwarding. If this route were to be removed, how will packets for 66.201.xx.xx/29 reach their destination? Is the switch refusing to delete the static route because it doesn't have any way to route to 66.201.xx.xx/29 without this?

Just a guess.

Thanks for the comments. We finally figured out how we could delete it after trying many things unsuccessfuly. We had to change the priority of the route, then we could delete. I have no idea why that's the case. Here's is the command we used:

conf iproute add xx.xx.xx.xx /29 xx.xx.xx.xx 200 <-- set the priority of the route low

After modifying it to priority 200, we could delete it ! Still seems like a bug.
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I had the same problem on a X440.

The static route flag was not 'U' up so wasn't getting used.

We also could not delete.