Can't get to configuration via putty or Screen (on manjaro.

Hello everyone, I am new on here. I am Davidson Mott, I am currently studying Computer Networking at college right now.

I am setting up a small lab in my bedroom. I have a Summit 48 (Model 15000), I am trying to configure it, but every-time I try to use putty or Screen (on Manjaro), all I get is a blank screen on the terminal. Could it be the serial cable I am using? this is the cable I am using to try to configure my switch. Is there also a manual for this switch to? I want to configure some VLANS for my experimentation.

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Hey Davidson unfortunately you need a null modem cable not a straight through cable. If you are in the US send me your address to and i will send you one. P
I had a feeling it was the serial cable. I'll email you now.