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Cannot backup X690 primary.cfg to solarwinds tftp server

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I'm trying to upload (backup) our primary.cfg from our X690's with the following command:
tftp put "VR-Default" primary.cfg
Using tftp server found on VR-Default
Uploading primary.cfg to ... failed!
Error: No such file or directory

What I get on the Solarwinds TFTP server logs is in the screen shot below

Please tell me what I am doing wrong?

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Hi kjstech,

Please try "tftp put vr vr-default primary.cfg"

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Thanks! That did it. I forgot putting vr in front of vr-default I guess. I was tripped up because I saw the traffic hitting Solarwinds TFTP so I thought it was trying to go.

So this gets me an XML formatted configuration. If I want a more human readable configuration, I guess the best thing to do is turn putty logging on, disable cli paging and then show configuration. Turn off putty logging, enable cli paging and then go to my putty log file and rename it / copy it / move it where I want. Unless you know of a simpler way...
Hi kjstech,

Please use the command "save configuration as-script " and then "tftp put vr vr-default ". That will output the file as an XSF file, which is human readable, and then upload it to your TFTP server.

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Thanks, you answered all of my questions! I really appreciate it!